Busboom Castle is on HGTV again! The show is called "Home Sweet Castle" from the series "Look What I Did!", and will air FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3rd at 8:00 AM ET/PT
(7:00 AM Central).
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Near the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Busboom Castle
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Did I mention that the 5 acres of grounds includes more than 9000 trees? Aso outdoor seating, fireplace, wood and charcoal grilles, nature trails, etc.







If you want your team to think 'outside the box', take them outside the conference room and into the 'land of enchantment'.

Busboom Castle offers a secluded meeting place close to Champaign and Mahomet where your organization can turn an ordinary retreat into an extraordinary one.

Accommodating groups up to 100, the castle welcomes corporate events of all types, from retreats to holiday gatherings.

While it looks medieval on the exterior, this unique meeting space includes all the upscale conveniences, including WiFi, laptop computer and video projection, white boards, podium, etc..

A kitchen is available, as well as catering services.
Use of the castle includes 5 wooded acres providing a quiet and peaceful place for strategic planning, continuous improvement and team building.
The Only Working Drawbridge the U.S.! Click HERE for video.
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We also offer safe, secure, discreet and luxurious accomodations for your visiting V.I.P. Click HERE for a printable copy of our color flyer.
Among the many features are gargoyle waterfalls, an oak and brass elevator and the only true, working drawbridge in the U.S.A.
Click HERE to see more photos and the bedrooms!
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HERE is a very nice article written about the castle in Inside Illinois weekly magazine...thanks Sharita and Brian!
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"Classic Events Catering" - Excellent food, well presented, upscale service!
Listen to the radio ad for Business Meetings on WGKC 105.9 and The WOLF 93.5, recorded at "Studio A" in Urbana, IL. Thanks Terry!