Stone Dome House, Wisconsin
At 238 feet deep, Green Lake is
the biggest lake in Wisconsin, as measured by volume. High atop Sugarloaf sits the
most unique home on the lake, a 40' diameter stone house, witha 28' high dome roof. It must be seen to be believed!
The son of a farmer, he became a master of many trades, including photography (Buzilu Photos), masonry, carpentry, painting, etc. But his lifelong urge for creative expression and sense of humor is what the legend is all about.
I hope to include many pages of his creations in the future, and feature some of them in the One of a Kind Store!
Born Feb.28, 1930 in Flatville, IL
On Big Green Lake
Oscar G. Busboom
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The action photo below is AMAZING! This was taken by my sister Brenda and her husband Mark Patchel, while they were flying over in a red helicopter. Dad, my son David and I knew they were coming so we shot Roman Candles at them (hence, the smoke). Click on the photo to enlarge, then zoom in to see flame coming out of David's Roman Candle!
Passed Away Nov. 27, 2009 in Wisconsin
Oscar passed away the day after Thanksgiving, 2009, due to complications of a massive stroke. If you rememberany stories of him, please share them at:

This website was created by his grandson, Bryan Buck. Thanks Bryan!